So, the Covid-19 is not going to end soon. Everyone missing going to the cinema and watching movies with pals, but there is a way to watch movies together in the same period of time. You just need an Internet connection and a Computer. You have to download a software named SyncPlay, you can download that software from ( by typing it in on a search bar. We can download it on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Common asked questions.
*Can you watch movies with your friends over the internet with SyncPlay?
-Yes, you can watch movies with your friends over the internet with the help of SyncPlay.
*Does it requires a fast internet connection?
-No, It’s not required to have a fast internet connection because the software doesn’t require a fast internet connection.
*How to watch it?
-First of all, you have to download the software from ( and install it on your computer.
-Next, you have to download a VLC media player or MPV media player. And install it on your computer.
-You have to download a movie which you are going to watch.
Then open the SyncPlay Application.
SyncPlay Configuration pops up on your screen.
1.Place the Path to the media player link.
2.Server address: or can choose any of the servers given there.
3.Write the Username(optional).
4.Default room: (Its like a room name, can be named like Test, Testroom12345, Testing123,etc.)
Things that should be done by your pals.
1. Must have SyncPlay software in their respective Computers.
2. Must have a media player like (VLC media player or MPV media player)
3. Must have downloaded the movie which is going to be played by the host.
4. Must have connected to the same server address provided by the host.
5. If the host secures it with a password then you have to enter the password.
 How to download the SyncPlay, ***(****