Be Bright, Vote Right

There was a man who stood up in an election and asked to vote with everyone along with his brother. But his brother is aware that he wasn’t capable and wouldn’t be able to conduct his duty for the position he was fighting for, he didn’t vote for him. When he found out he was betrayed, he argued with his brother.

The honest and intelligent brother replied,” Do you know the full form of VOTE?” It’s a valuable opportunity to elect the right person. And you, being an amateur it will be intricate and complex for you to stand in this position. This challenging and strenuous position is not for you but for someone who is competent, qualified, skillful, perceptive, insightful, and capable of developing this nation. I am sorry, hurting you was never my intention but making the right choice was. 

Moral: Say No to Nepotism and Favoritism

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