Ujwal Thapa, “The Man Behind Youth in Politics”

We can see that today’s youth are gradually beginning to have an influence and bring about a beneficial shift for the Nepali economy given the enthusiasm they demonstrated in election campaigns in the most recent election. The increasing involvement of youth could be because of their own interest and will, However, we can say most candidates have been indirectly or directly influenced by Ujjwal Thapa.


For instance, Mayor Balendra Shah was influenced by Ujwal Thapa and the Bibeksheel Movement. From which he got to learn and develop, eventually leading him to win the local election.

Likewise, in this election (House of Representatives candidate) we can see Biraj Bhakta Shrestha who has already been the Member of Parliament for Province-3 from Kathmandu, Nepal.  He has shown all the sources of income during the election in his Website fostering Transparency

There are many other candidates who were part of the Bibeksheel Nepali and are a Candidate for the General Election. Ranju Darshana, Pukar Bam, Samundra K.C, Dr. Toshima Karki, etc. are some of the candidates who were influenced and part of Bibeksheel Nepali.

I would like to call Ujwal Thapa “The Man behind Youths in Politics”, where he has been influencing many youths with Public acts, Awareness programs, etc.

Although today he is physically away, the Morale he has provided is still implemented by many people.  

Personally, I have been following the Bibeksheel Nepali from the very initial days (2013); Some of the Programs that I have been part of are Awareness Drama at Mangal Bazar, Silent Protest at Baluwatar, Zebra Crossing  etc. I was really impressed by the Speech delivered by Ujwal Thapa where he said “he has the qualities like a dog” and when he gave Candidacy. 

The symbol was of “DOG”. He responded “A true and able leader should possess qualities such as loyalty, honesty and protector just like the dog”. I have also been influenced by Ujwal Thapa Dai through his blogs and Youtube Videos and not only that but by the Bibeksheel Movements.


Lastly, we can agree that Ujwal Thapa has been the major source for Youth in politics as he initiated Bibeksheel Nepal, to uplift the youth. As we know that we are going to see new faces from this election; Dr. Toshima Karki, Rabi Lamichhane, Sobita Gautam, Biraj Bhakta Shrestha, etc. we wish to see changes in the policy that our “Brasta Hajurbaa’s” couldn’t deal with.

“एक्लै हिँडे चाँडो गईएला तर सँगै हिडेँ टाढा पुगिन्छ।” – उज्वल थापा

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