Can the kids from Generation Z be better politician in Nepal than the present politicians?

What is happening now?

Every old politician of our country has no idea how to establish things. Why? Because it might be because they have no idea to make a decision or they don’t have an idea to generate an idea. One of the main reasons is because they don’t have a good education and As Nelson Mandela has quoted “Education is the most powerful weapon which can rule the world”, but the politician of our country has neither idea nor education. They just know how to make things done by just pretending to complete it.

Why is it happening?

In my opinion, it is because the politicians who are in power have not been trained for this from a very early age. That means the way they grow up didn’t make them the way to generate ideas.

For example, the kids from Generation Z have more knowledge than the politician that is in power. Why?

Because the kids from Generation Z have more ideas then the politician in our country. The level of the kids that are of Generation Z is more than the politician. They know what time they should collect, prepare, attack, and defend. It is because the way they grow up matters. Generation Z has been trained from their childhood days by the games they play for example Pocket Tank, Counter-Strike, Clash of clans, Mario, etc. In these games, the kids learned that they have to first collect resources, prepare for the war or some casualties, and attack or defend seeing the situation. They got the sense of being the leader of the game who has to take responsibility for any casualties in the game so they generate new ideas and try to win each and every game they play.

The reason why I am pointing towards the childhood days is that if a person can generate an idea then if he is used to it then he can be a great person or successful person. For example, The Captain of an E-Sports Team OG Johan Sundstein “N0tail” had been playing games since he was 15 years old and now he is one of the richest E-Sport player. He had generated his own way of playing and made a team that won the TI8 and TI9 (which is one of the prestigious tournaments for Dota 2 players.) The Total Net worth of the N0tail is $6,974,817.80 from 127 tournaments. So, he developed his own idea and made his own meta, and conquered the tournament. So, the games that you played and grew up in really matters.

In conclusion, I would like to say is that the way the politician thinks is very very noobie and they shouldn’t follow what India or China says. They must develop their own idea and develop in each and every sector. Or they should resign and give the power to the young people’s i.e Generation Z.

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