My name is Abhishek Byanjankar. I live in Chyasal, Lalitpur. I have been fascinated with computers and business since my childhood days. As a result, I joined SeaGate Institute of Technology where I got to learn many new things and update the things in the field of Computers after my SEE(SLC). After that, I got an opportunity to enhance my knowledge in Startup/Online Business from Mr. Bijesh Joshi where I volunteered in his store Bisesh Creation. I would like to thank Yogesh Shrestha Sir and Bijesh Joshi Uncle.

Going back to the year 2015 I started my Blogspot account where I posted the blog on the topic Earthquake in Nepal. After that, I have posted around 10 blogs till today. I have written about How to download SyncPlay and its uses.

Likewise, I started youtube too on 2017 April 7; where I learned about how to create traffic and learned about the backend of youtube. I posted my first video about Remix Nepali Song after that I searched my name on YouTube and I couldn’t see my channel name. I was really curious after that I got some ideas from Yogesh Shrestha Sir and from youtube where I learned about how to create traffic and get more views. I learned about SEO how-to, where to, and keywords.

In the meantime, I learned skills and software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Word, Excel), HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Blogging, etc.