Post Semester Reflection

I have changed a lot since the day I got enrolled in my Undergraduate program. The credit goes to my professor, faculties and my friends. I always used to be the silent guy in class, who used to think that asking questions was a crime. But on the Orientation day, I still remember the speech that was given by Dr. Hem Raj Kafle; “Never be afraid to ask”. He even added that “You are in the main campus. Out of 100 you meet here 5% is only from the BBIS department. You have the opportunity to connect with different students(Engineers).” It was in my mind that something can be created with the help of engineers.

I still remember the first day of my class. I was really nervous and I didn’t know what should be done. I chose to stay on the first bench. I never thought that I would be able to ask questions because I was not used to it. However, I was determined to change myself by asking questions whenever there was a doubt. 

Going back to the days when I was in high school, I used to play Video Games a lot. This has changed a lot and I have completely stopped wasting my time on video games. Rather, I have been taking courses on Udemy, Coursera and Youtube. I am learning web development and JavaScript. I have made four websites and completed four basic projects using JavaScript. Furthermore, I have been writing blogs based on recent affairs. 

I even had some talks with the faculty who will be teaching us next semester. I asked him, “What should I do to consistently read books, and Which are the books that you suggest I should read”? He simply smiled  and answered me, ”What are you interested in and to be consistent, make a routine and follow it for 22 days?” When I answered “Finance and Startup books”, he suggested that I should read Freakonomics. I followed the routine for 22 days and I witnessed changes in me. I learned to manage time and I would like to thank Birendra Vaidya sir.

Talking about academics, I have been doing assignments and every assigned task given by the faculty before the deadline. As I said before, I never asked questions to faculty but as I joined KU I have changed a lot till today. I have been interested in startups and due to which I have started working with my fellow engineering friends to make presentation pointers and named it “KU Pointer”. To make a product, first of all, we have to plan and for funding, we have to make an investment proposal for that. I would like to thank Dr. Hem Raj Kafle sir for giving me tips and guiding me for the proposal. I learned many things from him and I would like him to guide me more for upcoming projects too. Also, I learned critical analysis in English writing. I am improving and writing blogs to improve my English. Not only writing but I am reading books as Dr. Khagendra Acharya sir had told us and I have been following it. I would like to thank Durga Dhakal Sir for making Maths interesting and introducing Moodle. I would like to thank Yash Raj Lamsal sir for not only talking about Economics but also talking about JavaScript who pushed us to take a course and learn JavaScript. I would like to thank Chandeshwor Shrestha sir for talking about the software that is used in the Finance Department and giving us a real-life example of an Accounting and Finance Manager.  I presented four presentations in Managerial Communication, three presentations in English-I, one presentation in Microeconomics, and one presentation in Financial Accountancy-I.     

I am really thankful for each and every faculty because of the way they taught. I am really impressed and I learned many things in just one Semester. I could overcome my fear of asking questions to the faculty members and I would like to thank all the faculty and my friends. I have many memories that I have made with faculty members and my friends and I believe there is more to come.